about us

USINMADE is a portal for shoppers to feel visually inspired and informed about what they are buying because they know that every item featured is either Made in the USA or Made in the USA of imported materials. The collection based experience is curated by Anne Baghramian, who created USINMADE in response to online retailers lack of transparency in labeling country of origin and a desire to shop by this criteria.


Anne Baghramian is an LA-based fashion industry veteran who has been converting her closet to exclusively Made in the USA since the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 factory workers. She credits the shift from buying quality over quantity for a closet with greater ‘meaning and purpose’ and is passionate about sharing her edit with like minded shoppers.


A generic imported label does not provide any insight into where an item comes from, how a worker may have been treated, or what the manufacturing process entailed. Buying Made in the USA is not only a better choice for the local workforce, economy and environment at large, but it has also helped me become a more conscious consumer.